Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Journey Within


“Traveling the Road to Transformation”

Article By Patricia R. Blumhagen
Copyright 2013

Are you ready to begin the journey within, and travel the road to transformation? Okay, lets begin, the journey within of personal transformation, leading to the door of self-knowledge. It is imperative that this door be pushed open, and the seeker enters into the unknown hallways of self-discovery. Courage and commitment are vital to walk these unknown pathways. There is no other way to discover the true self, but to travel the journey within, where the buried treasures of the true self wait to become uncovered.

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      by Patricia R. Blumhagen © 2011

Here are some situations, for pushing the self-knowledge door open, and traveling the journey within, leading to
  • Divorce
  • Sickness
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD 
  • Fears  
  • Rejection
  • Separation
  • Meaninglessness
  • Powerlessness
  • Emptiness
  • Lost of purpose and meaning.
These energies become the opportunities to examine what has not been working and create the new beginnings. Yes, it is difficult but what choice do you have? Do you really want to keep the anger or whatever is preventing you from moving towards rebirth? 

There is no other way to arrive at wholeness than to embrace what lies within, not outside. You see, outside is someone else’s truth--inside is your truth. This voice on the inside is most authentic for discovering inner peace and wholeness. This process of self-knowledge and personal development is the spiritual journey. 

Touching your wounded feelings as well, as the imposed conditioning's and discovering where they hide in your body is a big step for reclaiming your power. This is the work: learning to transform these untruths into crystals of great beauty. Here is your medicine that heals and embraces the undiscovered Self. The wounds need compassion, acceptance and love. They are the jewels hidden in the darkness. Will you penetrate their essence?

The spiritual journey calls you to change and to accept what cannot be. What purpose does it serve to stay in anger, fear, rejection, blame and helplessness? Allow the heart to lead you and let go of what no longer nourishes you.

The journey within is your gift to yourself, and it is the greatest gift because its destination is wholeness. Sometimes, while traveling into unexplored roadways you may lose your direction. That is okay because the old no longer serves and you are traveling a different path, and the new is yet to emerge. The process of transformation is trustworthy. It leads to greater personal growth, it indicates what is not working, and it shows what is possible. 

My journey of transformation started with lost of identity and the search for purpose and meaning.The deliverance from the emotional pain kept me going. My poems became the road maps for unearthing long buried treasures to obtain validation and self-acceptance.

The road is long and tiring. Have courage! Go as slowly or as fast as you need. The intent is what matters. Feel it, and then listen to your own knowing. Only you alone can set yourself free from the years of bondage.

Great lessons I learned from traveling within are:
  •  Let your heart be your guide
  •  Learn from Nature
  •  Believe in yourself
  •  Love and forgive those parts in you that are dying
  •  Release, reclaim, and accept what cannot be.
The old must die for transformation to unfold. Yes, this process
requires endurance and risk but the outcome is well worth the effort. Hide no more. Keep walking the journey within, until you come alive. The choice is yours to transform that, which tears you apart. 

Author Bio
I am an indie author who creates poetry and photographs about transformational and psychological situations for self-development. I help author’s self-publish and offer spiritual coaching that, guides the author to discover their writer within. I provide information and insights for managing the psychological trauma.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Reinventing Health Publishing

Reinventing Health Publishing

A place for writers who dreams of self-publishing,
But, do not know where to begin.


Dedicated to encouraging and empowering writers to self-publish. As a self-published author I know the how-to for self-publishing a book.

It is a privilege for me to guide writers to image that they can and will hold in hand their self-published book.

Self-publishing does not need to be difficult or feared. We would like to support you, the writer with the following guidelines for your success:

  • We act as a guide for leading you through the inn’s and out’s of what it takes to self-publish. 
  • We advise and inspire you to trust the process and know there is a tried and true way apparent to you.
  • We build your confidence to initiate the know-how to follow the steps towards your print book.
  • We lead you through the maze of self-publishing by providing experience and information.
  • We work with you towards organizing your writing.
  • We offer you a model for seeing your book in concrete form before it is printed.
If this feels like what you are looking for please, contact:
Patricia Blumhagen by phone at: 413-229-8179 or e-mail her at

Self-Publishing Coaching: $50.00/hour

For more information contact me.